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We have worked on several mobile application development projects across a wide range of mobile platforms such as iphone, blackberry, windows mobile, symbian etc. Please drop us a message to know more about our projects and we will get back to you with our complete client portfolio.

BREW Mobile Application Development

A company offering mobile application development services across a wide array of platforms such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry etc.

Mobile Development India provides customized mobile application development services. We also offer agile mobile application development teams geared with the latest technology and experience to serve any kind of mobile development requirements.

BREW is a platform created by QUALCOMM, a very flexible platform for BREW Mobile Application Development. The platform was originally available for CDMA mobile phones only, but now GSM also being supported by BREW. It is a mobile platform that can be easily used to download and run small programs for playing games, sending messages, sharing photos, etc. The main advantage of BREW mobile platform is that the application developers can easily port their applications between all Qualcomm devices.

It is an Ideal mobile platform for deploying applications on CDMA-based networks. Our company Mobile Development India has invested heavily in time & monetary resources to develop in-house capabilities in BREW Mobile Application Development. We have a dedicated research and development team, working constantly on BREW based technologies.

Software for the BREW-enabled handsets can be developed in C or C++ using the BREW SDK. Java applications are also supported if the handset has a Java Virtual Machine available. The success in BREW Mobile Application Development by & large depends on the capabilities of the programmers in above technologies. Our company has a team of talented programmers who have mastered the above technologies and are capable of handling higher-end BREW software outsourcing or off-shoring projects.

BREW is a mobile platform that acts between the application and the wireless device on-chip operating system that allows software developers to create BREW Mobile Applications without needing to code for system interface or understand wireless applications. We at Mobile Development, are well-equipped to fulfill our client's requirements as per their product or application specifications.

Some of our expertise in BREW Mobile Application Development includes: Standalone Application Solutions, Client/Server Application, Voice & Text Messaging Solutions, Music Based Application Solutions, BREW Music Streaming Services, Publicity or Promotional Applications, Games or Entertainment Development solutions, Solutions, XML data-based Application Solutions, Applications Re-Engineering Solutions for Upgrades and Optimization and More!

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