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We have worked on several mobile application development projects across a wide range of mobile platforms such as iphone, blackberry, windows mobile, symbian etc. Please drop us a message to know more about our projects and we will get back to you with our complete client portfolio.

Mobile Game Development

A company offering mobile application development services across a wide array of platforms such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry etc.

Mobile Development India provides customized mobile application development services. We also offer agile mobile application development teams geared with the latest technology and experience to serve any kind of mobile development requirements.

Mobile Game Development includes development of a video game that is played on a mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, handheld computer or portable media player. Mobile gamescan be broadly divided into networked games & non-networked games. Mobile games are played using the technologies present on the device itself. For networked games, there are various technologies in common use. For non-networked applications, that simply use the device platform to run the game software.

With the introduction of advanced smart Phones, mobile game industry is growing at an enormous pace. Mobile Development India (MDI) is an established IT company actively engaged in Mobile Game Development in different genres such as action games, adventure games, simulation games, sports games and so on.

Mobile games are developed using platforms and technologies such as Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian OS, Adobe's Flash Lite, DoCoMo's DoJa, Sun's Java ME (J2ME), Qualcomm's BREW, WIPI, iPhone OS or Google Android platforms. MDI has a dedicated team of professionals for Mobile Game Development, the team works on above higher end technologies to develop stand alone or multi user on-line mobile games (MMOGs).

Our core Mobile Game Development services include: Mobile Game Development, Mobile Game & Application Porting, WAP Portal & Content Delivery. We also provide customized mobile game development services for international brands, advertising companies and publishers.

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Mobile Development India starts a enterprise scale mobile ERP integration application development

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