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We have worked on several mobile application development projects across a wide range of mobile platforms such as iphone, blackberry, windows mobile, symbian etc. Please drop us a message to know more about our projects and we will get back to you with our complete client portfolio.

Mobile Application Development - Social Networking Applications

A company offering mobile application development services across a wide array of platforms such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry etc.

Mobile Development India provides customized mobile application development services. We also offer agile mobile application development teams geared with the latest technology and experience to serve any kind of mobile development requirements.

Just how big could mobile social networking get? This application's usage could become "as big as online social networking," says Dennis Crowley, founder of wireless social network Dodgeball, owned by Google. About 45% of active Web users have been to online social networking sites, according to a recent study by Nielsen/NetRatings. As MySpace expands beyond its core market of teens and young adults, "We expect penetration of MySpace mobile to match penetration of cell phones," which are owned by 80% of Americans, says Digiaro. Mobile access could become even more prevalent outside of the U.S., where in some cases more people use cell phones than personal computers to surf the Web.

Indeed, it's the cell phone, rather than the personal computer, that's the constant companion for today's hip and socially networked. Why wait till you get home to log onto the PC to tell your 20 closest personal friends about your date? Teens can use a network-friendly cell phone to relay stories, pictures, and videos instantaneously. "You can use mobile applications in this two- or three-minute gap while waiting for a train," says Kakul, product manager for photo-sharing site Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo and allows for mobile picture posting. "People are out there, living their lives. They are not sitting in front of the computer."

Today's most interactive platform for communication is social networking websites and enthusiasm of accessing the social networking websites on the mobile phones is rising to an elevated demand. Businesses, social communities, friends, students are major users of smart phones as well as social networking sites. Mobile Development India provides customized solutions to optimize your social networking websites for mobile devices. We develop applications/ software that allows mobile users to access social networking websites easily.

  • Make your mobile a business networking and socializing tool.
  • Access all the features of popular social networks on your mobile
  • Promote your businesses faster through social networking.
  • Get connected with business and social network anywhere and anytime
  • Use the established and ever-increasing mobile user base for brand building

There are a number of activities which can be performed through smart phones easily using high quality mobile applications. We offer services for accessing and integrating various social networking websites on mobile devices under our Mobile Application Development Social Networking Application services. Our professionally designed mobile software can help you access social networking features of various popular social networking websites such as:

  • Adding and responding to tweets, using twitter.
  • Status updates
  • Wall posting, scrap book access and posting
  • Making profile comments
  • Easy and clear visualization of photos on mobile
  • Mobile user can access and read new & unread articles with help of customized content feeds.

Social networking web applications are complex and contain lots of content. To integrate complex social networking sites on the small screen of mobile phones require superior technical skills and professional mobile application development expertise. Mobile Development India, as a company is focussed on providing mobile application development solutions to clients and customized mobile apps development. We have professional and experienced mobile application developers, who can handle the latest social websites and newest hand-held devices together.

Mobile Development India provides customization in the mobile social networking application development domain and mobile social networking solutions. There is large variety of social networking websites with latest and old hand-held devices are prevailing in the communication world, which are required to be integrated with custom services for mobile users who have various different demands on the mobile social networking front.

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